Cambell Heights

192 St & 34A Ave, Surrey, BC, V3S 0L5144th st.

Cambell Heightsis the “North American Commerce Valley – Canada & China International Trade City” is to be located in the fastest growing municipality in Greater Vancouver – Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Campbell Heights is destined to become the premiere business park in the Greater Vancouver Area.


The project is in the largest logistics base of Vancouver, which is the gateway to North America and Asia and is near the Canada-US border. The transportation is convenient and developed.

The project totally covers 21.19 acres (about 86,000 m2, with the building area of 54,000 m2, and two halls and two warehouses are planned: Asian Trading Hall, North American Trading Hall, Bonded Overseas Warehouse and North American General Warehouse.

The facades of the four main buildings will adopt the unified image of World Commerce Valley.
* Asian Trading Hall (building area: 18,200 m2)
* North American Trading Hall (building area: 18,100 m2)
* Bonded Overseas Warehouse (building area: 8,600 m2)
* North American General Warehouse (building area: 16,000 m2)